I am a marketing coach, mostly for people who make, grow and sell delicious things. My work is based on a simple premise: If you make what you sell, the best use of your marketing time is telling your story.

I’m here to help you discover and design that story.

I’ll make sure your marketing feels less like an overwhelming mountain of horror and more like you just being excited about how brilliant you really are.


The Current Projects

Co-Founder, Morsel, story-based marketing automation

Morsel is a marketing platform that helps small businesses get more out of their social media, PR and email marketing.

A beautiful, simple app, Morsel is the first marketing platform that lets you focus on what you know best: your craft and what makes it unique.

Or download the iOS app and just stick your toe in. Tell one story, let Morsel share it on your social feeds, see what happens.



Founder, M90, on-demand courses

M90 (Marketing in 90) is a learning system designed to help small businesses master marketing in the digital age. Breaking down big marketing topics into digestible chunks, M90 delivers what you need to know—from public relations to email marketing to e-commerce websites—in courses that can be completed in 90 minutes.

Launching to a limited audience in June 2015, M90 is designed to kill the overwhelm of marketing and helps you build skills in short bursts of focused time.

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The Past Projects

Prior to my current projects, I was Founder/CEO of Restaurant Intelligence Agency and before that, Owner of Paperclip, inc. A 15-year veteran of restaurant public relations, I’ve represented high-profile restaurant clients including:

Art Smith

But not just them. All in, as a publicist, I helped open more than 40 chef-driven restaurants. But I am not just about the fancy chef thing. I also worked with:

The Track Record

It was a long career, netting my clients placements in virtually every major publication, here’s just a few:


The Coverage

My projects I have worked on have been written about a few times, here’s a few mentions that made my mom proud:

The Way-Way-Back Machine

I hold an undergraduate degree in Journalism & Sino-Soviet History from Indiana University, a master’s degree in Business from DePaul, and an associates degree from The Culinary School of Kendall College. I’m also certified as a Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers.

The Lighthouse

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