I’m Ellen Malloy.

760_10200221714484577_1987092357_nI’m co-founder/CEO of Morsel; Badass Broad-cast Co-Host of Creator Crush with Jane Hamill of Fashion Brain Academy (coming soon); and marketing coach for a growing band of chefs, cookbook authors, mixologists, cheesemakers, sommeliers, distillers, cupcake makers, farmers, and everyone else involved with delicious things.
For the last 18 years, I’ve guided chefs, craftspeople, artisans and makers through what they perceived as the exploding horror of social media and public relations. For many who long depended on traditional media hits to get them the customers & sales they needed, social media has upended their lives, their jobs and their sanity. After all, “makers” aren’t “marketers,” so many have resisted really digging into the opportunity available and are still hanging on to that old habit of hiring someone to just get their name out there and checking “marketing” off the todo list.

My quest in life is to help everyone leave that old thinking behind and join the revolution of the internets. Especially since what’s happening is really, really good for people like you. So, take advantage of the possibilities!

My experience includes executing marketing for more than 40 successful small business & restaurant openings/launches; coaching countless chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers on developing their personal brand; concept development for everything from artisan food shops/products to cooking schools and cookbooks; public relations and social strategy for distillers; coffee, tea, beer, and wine companies; and helping a few makers figure out if their products were viable and could they quit their job yet!

My clients have included chefs Paul Kahan, Art Smith, Rick Tramanto; Goose Island Beer Company and Intelligensia Coffee; and I even Michael Jordan, marketing his high-end restaurants — which were much more successful than his baseball career.

During my 10-year tenure managing Paul Kahan’s brand and his restaurants’ public relations, I created a philosophy for marketing that focused on sharing the journey and vision of creatives, rather than spinning them into the next big trend. I guess you could say the strategy worked out pretty well. That philosophy and strategy is baked into Morsel.


Morsel, founded in early 2014, is a storytelling platform and connected community for people who make, eat, and sell delicious things. A beautiful, simple website and iOS app, Morsel is designed for people and businesses who need help making their social media, websites, and email marketing more meaningful.

You can learn more about Morsel, download the iOS app, or check out the web app.


These days, my “coachees” include chefs, makers, artisan distillers, craft brewers, boutique wineries, cooking schools, artisan food products/companies, and farmers — basically all the people who spending so much time actually making things, they don’t have time to “do social media,” let alone develop and manage a complex marketing program.

My coaching programs are designed to solve these kinds of problems. Be it just an hour brainstorm on the phone or a full-on overhaul of your marketing department, I’m working up options for every budget.

Street Cred

I worked as a professional cook (you’re not a chef unless you’re in charge — have some respect for the title!), earned a sommelier certificate by drinking a lot of wine and then taking a pretty easy test, made my beer/book money in college racing bicycles, worked with David Hockney to create his first piece of digital artwork, belted out an off-key note or two on the stage of Lyric Opera, worked as a journalist on Fleet Street in London, have eaten pho on a little plastic stool curbside in Hanoi and rode a bike through the south of France, shot one hoop with Michael Jordan (and missed, of course), bobsledded down an Olympic course with a silver medalist, and tried to live for a year off the food I grew in my backyard.

I live on the northwest side of Chicago in a California-style historic bungalow with two dogs, Chloe and Scout; two cats, Buddha and Princess Pea (aka The Mean Cat); seven backyard chickens, all named after Star Wars characters; and a quirkily intellectual roommate who is an artisanal & restoration house painter when he is not researching obscure topics I swear are going to get our IP address flagged.

Also: Canning is my yoga™.

Listen Up

My friend, Jane Hamill of Fashion Brain Academy, and I will be launching a weekly podcast this Spring: Creator Crush. Filled with marketing and branding success stories we dig up from anywhere and everywhere, our own hard-earned lessons from the battlefield of life and business, and a heavy dose of actionable insights to hurdle over the unique struggles of being a creator in the age of mandatory self-promotion.

If you sign up early, you’ll receive a nice fat packet of awesome from me and Jane.



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Fine Print, Big Enough to Read

I love working with people who want to participate in their own success; will walk out of any business relationship where the other person just doesn’t care; but will wait patiently for anyone who really, really wants to try but just can’t seem to find the time. (Actually, let me help you with that, please!)

If you need one or want to dig in a little deeper, you can check out my biography.