As a business, publicity and social strategist, I help my clients leverage the hospitality skills they’ve already mastered to build their businesses.Think of this website as The Lost Manual of Hospitality Marketing. Because—you’ve probably already noticed—modern, affordable, effective restaurant marketing is the one topic the Google Machine hasn’t discovered.

Both here, in my weekly newsletter, in my products and with my clients, I answer the questions everyone has:

  • I have a lot of Instagram followers, they like my stuff—how do I know if it’s really working?
  • How do I stay relevant after the opening buzz is over?
  • I’ve done everything I can do—cutting staff, cutting food costs, rejiggered the menu—and I am barely keeping the doors open—what the hell else is there?

The answers: use your hospitality know-how outside the four walls of your restaurant as successfully as you use them inside your restaurant every day. I’ll show you how.

If you want to participate in your own success, I would love to connect with you. Why not check out my weekly newsletter, A Dispatch of Awesome, and see if we’re a good fit.

The Current Projects

Co-Founder, Morsel, a story-based food community

Share the stories, inspirations and techniques that make your food your own.

Download the iOS app and join us at the table.

Founder, Morsel for Enterprise, a simple tool for delivering hospitality on your website

Morsel for Enterprise turns your website into a conduit for delivering the kind of committed, passionate, professional hospitality your business already relies on. It’s a plug-and-play solution that let’s you focus on what’s important to you so you can grow your audience and forget about email, posting to social, and how to grow your customer base.

Dead simple to use but so forward-thinking, the technology doesn’t exist anywhere else. Launching in early 2016, you’ll need to sign up to get in the waiting list.

The Past Projects

Prior to my current projects, I was Founder/CEO of Restaurant Intelligence Agency and before that, Owner of Paperclip, inc. A 15-year veteran of restaurant public relations, I’ve represented high-profile restaurant clients including:

Art Smith

But not just them. All in, as a publicist, I helped open more than 40 chef-driven restaurants—and worked with many, many more brewers, distillers, chefs, food artisans, and other folks who kept me well fed for more than 20 years.

But I am not just about the fancy chef thing. I also worked with:

The Coverage

My projects I have worked on have been written about a few times, here’s a few mentions that made my mom proud:

If you’re all the way down here and still looking for more, here’s my CV.