Is your marketing stuck in the early 2000s?

There was a world, no too long ago, where everyone did everything differently than they can do now. Remember that world? Pre-Twitter :: Pre-Blogger Outreach as Media Strategy :: Pre-Facebook for Business :: Pre-Publicists using Advanced Digital Tools to Get Clients More Press :: Pre-Content Marketing as The Most Successful Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy :: Pre-Food Porn all over The Damn Place :: Pre-Journalists forced into a new paradigm of ridiculous deadlines and link-baity stories :: Pre-Understanding the Incredible Value of Email Marketing

You don’t have to live in that world anymore.

I work with a few folks one-on-one, from time to time. From a tasty bite of targeted problem solving to a gloriously gluttonous year-long feast guaranteed to kick some major marketing booty—there’s a coaching option for every budget. Well, the free coaching options are not yet where I want them to be — but they will be, soon! 

Strategy Sessions

Stumped on what your next best step should? Got a searing problem you need to sort out? You’re due for a Strategy Session.

Together, we can annihilate whatever is blocking you form success — be it confusion, fear, or just lack of access to advice given without an agenda. Covering a topic of your choice, we’ll dig into the heart of your most pressing problem and get you moving toward your goals with action steps, follow-up support, and the information and tools you need to succeed.

We’ll do pre-session prep-work to make sure we’re clear on your desired outcome. The down-and-dirty skull session can be booked for an hour or a day—it all depends on your goals and how badly you want to reach them. Post-session follow-up can include workbooks, tools, or ongoing, one-on-one email support.

I’ve covered just about everything in these sessions:

  • Crafting a Hail Mary pass to save a small business on its last month of cash.
  • Advising a restaurant owner (actually hundreds of owners and chefs) on how to release their big exciting news to media — and how to make some big exciting news.
  • Even helping a consultant understand Instagram for a presentation on Trends in Social Media to a Board of Directors of a major company.

Basically, I’ve pretty much seen and heard everything—so you can’t surprise me, shock me or leave me stumped on the topic that you choose. Check out more information on Strategy Sessions and schedule one today.

Social Media Mechanics

Social Media Mechanics is 5-weeks of working with me, one-on-one, on the topic of your social media. You’ll get a thorough analysis of your current online presence, lots of ideas for how it can be structured to increase your actual revenue in a trackable way, an online knowledgebase you can use to brainstorm, plan and manage social, and access to a free Q&A forum so you can get ideas, ask questions, and learn what you should be thinking about and doing.

Yes, yes, yes. We can do this for your Public Relations. Email Marketing Mechanics is coming soon.

One & Done Bootcamp

One & Done Bootcamp drags your entire marketing program into 2015—and beyond. You’ll get me, one-on-one, custom-designing a comprehensive, easy-to-execute marketing roadmap for your business. I’ll build it once, you’ll have everything you need to get your marketing done in the most-effective and least-costly way you’ll ever encounter.

The Outcome: you’ll stop wasting time, money, and patience on pr, social media, and newsletters.

With a One & Done Bootcamp, you’ll receive a beautifully designed system that allows you to create content once that’s repurposed for PR, social media, and email marketing. The heavy lifting of distribution happens automagically in the background while you go back to your real work. That’s right, from your One & Done on out, you’ll post once and be done.

I created One & Done Bootcamp because everyone seemed to be flailing around, burying themselves in needless busywork, and hurling their brand across the internets in disjointed/disconnected messages. PR isn’t talking to Social Media. Social Media isn’t driving Website Traffic or Newsletter Signups. And no one has evolved from sending out those insufferably boring ads most small businesses call Newsletters.

Not one small business, it seemed, had integrated all their marketing efforts into one strategic package of awesomeness.

One & Done Bootcamps are custom-designed to fit your business and begin at $5000. If you would like to learn more about your own One & Done Bootcamp, here’s a handy form to get the conversation started!

The Co-Pilot *** Program Currently Full***

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the efforts of a spasmodic Hercules.”
~ Anthony Trollope

The Co-Pilot is an extremely limited offering available only to people who are ready to cast off their spasmodically Herculean efforts and do the small daily tasks that, when really done daily, reach audacious goals.

While the program is currently full, if your marketing is a bit spazzy—or you don’t have audacious goals—The Co-Pilot you should check it out and get on the wait list. You deserve audacious goals.

Free Resources… More Coming; Promise.

For the strong-of-will but faint-of-budget, I continue to make good on my reputation for offering up a lot of free resources and content — and will continue to! There’s so much, I bet you’ll want to pass along to friends (hint, hint!).

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  • I’m get back to sharing my best advice on marketing, personal brands, and social media on Morsel Insights. (OK, someday I’ll get back to sharing there…)
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