Greetings and Salutations!

I’m Ellen Malloy.

760_10200221714484577_1987092357_nMy mission: dragging restaurant* marketing into the digital age.

*Not just restaurants! Artisanal distillers, food craftspeople, chefs, cookbook authors, private chefs, mixologists, cheesemakers, sommeliers, cupcake makers, farmers, CSA sellers, kitchen surfers, food bloggers (did I miss anyone?).

I use technology to create marketing systems that drive more sales and reduce wasteful spending. Yeah, I said technology—the “T” word—right the top of the home page. Call me crazy, since my people are mostly fancy chefs. But you’re here, friend, so you’re not only ready for it, I think technology will become your new best friend.

My goal: to be your trusted guide to marketing in a digital age. Let’s get you up to speed on the foundations of modern marketing — be it PR, social media or email newsletters. No, it doesn’t mean more work for you. It simply empowers you to do more than just hand off your livelihood to someone who’ll just “take care of it for you so you don’t have to think about it.” Because you and your business deserve that.

Marketing is vital to your livelihood.

Marketing is the thing that drives sales and sales are the thing that keep you in business. You should care about marketing—participate in it, manage it, and understand it as if doing it better would make you more money. Because it will.

That’s where I come in. The part where you can make more money.

I’m the co-founder/CEO of Morsel, Badass Broad-cast Co-Host of Creator Crush with Jane Hamill of Fashion Brain Academy (coming soon) and a marketing coach for a growing band of chefs, cookbook authors, mixologists, cheesemakers, sommeliers, distillers, cupcake makers, farmers, and everyone else involved with delicious things.

I call all those folks my Roadies and they’re all looking for the same thing: honest answers on how to get their businesses, sometimes their lives, and especially their marketing unstuck.

If you’re asking yourself:

  • Is there any actual value to social media?
  • Does anyone even care what I have to say there?
  • Will I ever understand how — or even if — it drives customers in the door?

If you’re wondering:

  • How can I DIY your PR instead of committing to a big retainer I can’t afford?
  • Can I help my publicist get more/better media hits to increase their ROI?
  • What is my publicist actually doing? If your general feeling is: not much.

And because everyone asks me this:

  • Is there a way I could “do social/PR/etc.” without it getting in the way of the work I actually need to do —which is running my business and improving/managing/actually selling the things I make?

Here’s the thing: If you aren’t getting the customers you know you deserve, it’s probably your marketing. And that is something you can absolutely fix it. In fact, you are really the only person who can fix it. I am here to help. I’ll be your guide, your coach, your cheerleader. I just won’t be your sherpa.

Reach out! I can be reached via email, Twitter, and I am learning to read smoke signals. (That said, I am the worst LinkedIn-er, so please don’t send me a DM there and expect I’ll see it soon!)

Or, just use this handy form. Don’t worry, it’s just to contact me, you won’t be accidentally on-purpose added to any list. I hate it when people do that!

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What’s this website about? is my home base. I have my one-on-one coaching options available here, and a lot of my writing was collected up from around the web and added to the blog here. This is where I weave my opinions on marketing, chefs, restaurants; thoughts on technology & startups; awesome experiences with ADD; a smattering of horrid/awesome customer service stories; and a few random topics like the Half Century of Lessons I posted the day I turned 50.

I have two blogs that I sorta abandoned mid-project: Backyaritarian, and One Hundred Meals.
Look around. Reach out. And remember: just because you ignore it, doesn’t mean it isn’t silently killing your business.